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"Kitarubeki Kotoba no Tameni" - "For a Language to Come." Japan: Fudosha, 1970, First Edition, PB, dj, 30 cm x 21 cm, 192pp, b/w photos.
Price: $ 4,500

Nakahira was one of the founders of the Provoke movement of Japanese photography. His blurred, distorted, dark, and depressing images capture the reality of a post Industrial Japan hurtling out of control. (Reference: Parr & Badger, Vol. 1, 292-293). As Kotaro Iizawo explains in The History of Japanese Photography, the aim of the enormously influential Provoke movement was to "rethink the rigidified relation between word and image, and to create 'new language, in short, new thought.'"

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